‘Iceman’ Gervin: ‘I don’t feel’ Klay ‘broke my record’ Commentary

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The only truth is replaying a video of George Gervin’s quarter and record how many three point distance shots he took and adjust his point total to that number. If he took 6 shots at 3 point distance then in todays scale compared to Klay he would have 39 points. If he took 3 shots from 3 point distance he would have 36 points. This is the only way to find out the real comparison.

We know that Klay took nine 3 pointers so pre 3 point line he would only have 28 points which is less than Iceman.  I do not recall that George took many 3 point shots because he was famous for the “Finger Roll.”  So George’s 33 who most likely took 2 point shots beats Klay’s adjusted 28 points.  George wins.

If the video exist replay it and we can find out the real tale of the tape? I saw George play and he was Great, and Klay may be on his way.

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