Pacers blow game 1 against Heat 2013 playoffs

Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat 5/22/2013 NBA Playoffs East Conference Finals Game 1

Frank Vogel blows it at the end.  He takes Roy Hibbert out at game end on two occasions so LeBron goes to the bucket twice to score winning baskets.

Especially, on the last play of the game with 2.2 seconds left.  Have Roy Hibbert on the court to go for a blocked shot.  Beforehand double team LeBron at the top of the key forcing him to pass or put up a tough jumper.  Sad to see the Pacers give it away.

Did the Lakers take out Kareem at game end, NO!  The Rockets Olajawon, NO!  The Lakers Shaq, NO!  The Sixers Moses, NO! On and on, Roy Hibbert is their best, he should be on the floor.

Kenny, Charles and Shaq say the coach made a good decision because Hibbert could not guard Bosh or Anderson.  Maybe not but who is going to get the ball at the end of the game, LeBron!  I would rather take my chances with another player over LeBron.

What do you think?

Kevin Durant on an Island against Memphis

On 5/7/2013 Memphis kicks butt in second game of the second round against the Thunder. What a close game end to end. Fisher played great with toughness and grit. Fisher scoring 19 is not a formula for victory. Where did Kevin Martin go tonight? The last game he had 25, tonight 6.  This game typified the importance of Russel Westbrook. Russel takes the pressure off of Durant and visa-versa and in turn makes it easier for their team mates.  Now, without Westbrook (and foolishly not signing Harden) you really see the quality of the team mates.

The game reminded me of the Spurs in the playoffs against Lebron in the 2007 finals. Every time Lebron got the ball he was double teamed. Cavaliers hoovered in 4 games. Durant at game end dealt with the same challenge. Memphis made the adjustment from the last game that if the Thunder will beat us in game 2 then it will have to be someone else other than Durant. So with a couple minutes left Durant got the double team with his team mates standing around, not filling passing lanes, not setting screens for Durant to get the ball easy, not helping. Durant was left ineffective.

Memphis in six

LeBrand James, Why no commercials? Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson was commenting during halftime of the 5/5/2013 Pacers vs Knicks game on LeBron James getting the MVP award that LeBron is in no commercials. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin do more commercials than LeBron. Magic said LeBron should be doing more commercials than both because he is the best player and a four time MVP.

I think LeBron is a great player and may end up to be the best of all time, but what does that have to do with selling merchandise for a company. Most LeBron commercials of the past I hated and would not buy those products. Now I admit I like Shaq or Barkley commercials because of something called personality. Hmmm, should I go buy some Gold Bond powder? Durant commercials not so much. He sells light bulb changers and Gutter leaf cleaners? They take an NBA player and shove him into a commercial like a mannequin and that is supposed to get me to buy their product, I don’t think so. I feel the same about Blake or CP3 commercials, talk about dumb. Cliff has more personality then the other two combined?

I think LeBron earned his MVP but not being a commercial pitchman. What is it about his personality I am to like? Don’t like the guy but love his game. That is what Magic does not get, and what many companies do not get using sports mannequins for pitchmen. If he sold product the companies never would have abandoned him in the first place. I mean he use to do commercials with his whole family.

What do you think?