COVID-19 causes NBA 2019-20 Season Suspension

NBA has suspended the season after the conclusion of tonight’s games. The COVID-19 virus is the reason. Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz has tested positive for the virus. At this point it appears the virus will continue to get worse worldwide. What can the NBA do to salvage the season.

They can start the playoffs next week. Eliminate the first round. Make each remaining round best of 5 games until we crown a new champion. Postponing play just brings us closer to ending the season absent any result. It would be a disaster for the time all the teams have devoted so far this season. Each day that goes removes the peak conditioning developed to this point. Resuming after a month will be with sloppy play and increased injuries.

Due to the NBA Players strike the 1999 season started late and the playoffs were had only after a 50 game season. Most teams have already played 60 games this season so suspension goes no where. If people catch COVID-19 in the playoff arenas then play the games without fans. Don’t waste the season or jeopardize the players.