Howard: should I stay or should I go

There is only one way that Dwight Howard would stay with the Lakers and it seems that ship has passed.  If during the meetings this week Howard noticed that Coach D’antoni was absent and they told Howard we have someone we want to introduce to you and in comes Phil Jackson then I think Howard would stay.  Otherwise there is nothing for him here.  I know the Lakers will have complete cap room at the end of next season.  Yet, do you want to compete for a championship in the next few years or next season.  The Rockets seem to be the best choice.  Heck, that is where I would go.

I know no one wants to waste a season but there is a great draft next season so if the Lakers tanked next season I would be okay with that.  I hate it but will be okay with it.  Its time to build the team through the draft, and think free agents second.  Maybe we can pick up a few more picks with some trades.