Lakers vs Thunder 1/27/2013 Commentary

Kobe “Magic” Johnson or Earvin “Magic” Bryant or Kobe “The Show Be” Bryant
The Lakers just beat the Thunder at Staples Center. link

First time this season I have a smile on my face watching a Lakers game.  Beating Utah a couple nights ago, so what.  Kobe having a great game at Utah, so what!  Can they do it again?  Lakers beating the Thunder with Kobe playing great, again, WOO-HOO!  

I can’t believe Kobe has been given that Twilight Zone elixir as Earvin “Magic” Bryant, the fastest assists in the West.  Or was it aliens visiting the earth to do an experiment and give Kobe temporary powers.  Can this continue – I hope so.  Do I love it, YES, I LOVE IT!

I can’t remember a time when Kobe had two games in a row with 10 assists or more.  If he did it was no more than twice but I doubt he has ever done it.  Something to find out?

I am going to say it.  If the Lakers continue to play like this they will make it into the playoffs.  Current record is 19-25.  If they lose 16 more games they are not in the playoffs 41-41.  They can only lose 13 to have a chance at the last seed maybe with a record of 44-38, to guarantee playoffs and show they have a chance at winning they can lose only 7 more games and finish with a record of 50-32, that may get the 4th seed.  

Kobe’s efficiency (37) was almost as good as combined Durant (20) and Westbrook (19.)  If Kobe continues to play like this he should be considered for Regular Season MVP, especially if they make it into the playoffs.  

I can’t even curse D’Antoni after this game, and biting my tongue (OUCH!) may even have to give him some credit.  

Again, nice to have a smile on my face the first time this season.