Vince, Not ConVinced Mavericks win on game winning shot over Spurs, 2014/04/26

          Spurs playing Mavericks Game 3, First Round, Spurs 1 seed against Mavs 8 seed. With 1.7 seconds left Vince Carter makes the game winning shot.  Dallas wins game 3 leads series 2-1.  No effing way did he get that shot off in time with 1.7 seconds left.
          The clock most definitely must have started late.  On Slow Motion, The ball was passed into Vince, slight fumble, takes a step with his left foot, then right foot, then left foot, then right foot, holds shot so defender trying to block the shot goes by, shoots shot.  No effing way did that take 1.7 seconds.
          May 13, 2004, Game 3,  Kobe made the game winning shot with 12 seconds left, Not.  Then Tim Duncan made the game winning shot with 0.4 of a second left, Not.  Then Derek Fisher makes the actual game winning shot with no time left.
          “Whoever makes the last game winning shot wins the game.”

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